Multifunctional Cold Welding Machine Cladding Sheet Metal Welding Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Chonqing
Brand Name: Lianwai
Certification: CE
Model Number: LW-J160
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 sets
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 20 work days
Supply Ability: 1000sets per month
Detail Information
Outline Size: 420*220*325mm Net Weigt: 22kg
Control Method: CPU Inpit Voltage: 220V
Input Power: 22000W Min Current: 2A
Argon Gas Delay Stop: 9S Welding Thickness: 0.1-3mm
Welding Control Method: Manual/foot Pedal
High Light:

Multifunctional Cold Welding Machine


220V Cladding Cold Welding Machine


Thick 3mm Cold Welding Machine

Product Description

LW-J160 Sheet Metal Intelligent Precision Cold Welding Machine



LW-J160 Sheet Metal Intelligent Precision Cold Welding Machineis a high-precision sheet metal welding machine dedicated to sheet metal cod welding . The machine adopts CPU control to realize the adjustment and storage of pulse voltage and time. The best welding power can be achieved according to the actual situation of welding defects, so that the welding raccuracy of the welding machine can reach or even exceed the welding accuracy of the laser welding machine, and at the same time it has the speed and flexibility of argon welding. LW-J160 multifunctional cold welding machine adds resistance wire feeding function on the basis of similar welding machines, which can better adapt to complex-shaped workpieces and speed up the repair speed. It is a cost-effective high-precision intelligent welding machine that can reduce production costs for enterprises.


Application areas:

Sheet metal welding, component welding, low temperature repair, cold welding cladding.


Low temperature repair:

Molds, cast steel cast iron, stainless steel castings, shafts, high chromium cast iron hydraulic rods, piston rods, etc.


Welding materials: conductive metals such as stainless steel, galvanized sheet, iron, copper, aluminum, titanium alloy, nickel alloy, screen mesh, filter mesh, etc.


Performance characteristics
1. Low temperature welding, precision repair welding, portable resistance welding,
2. Multi-function can meet more demand from users,
3. Star model, fatigue resistance, 0.1mm starting welding,
4.32V/82000UF imported capacitors, high quality and reliable,
5. Operators without welding experience can also weld beautiful products.



Equipment advantages



1. No deformation at low temperature without heat, the welding seam is flat and smooth, and the welding point is white and not black;

2. There is no need for grinding and polishing after welding, which saves production costs for enterprises;

3. The welding seam is beautiful and firm;

4. The welding seam has no interlayer and pores, and has good sealing performance and can withstand high pressure.


Repair welding

1. No undercut, no collapse of corners, no pores;

2. Precise machining allowance and small heat affected zone;

3. Do not change the metallographic structure, solve the cracking problem caused by internal stress;

4. High metallurgical bonding strength and can be machine-added;

5. Unrestricted surfacing height, strong applicability;

6. The welding repair flexibility is high, and it can be repaired in 360 degrees without dead angles.




Specification sheet

Device model LW-J160 Outline size 420mm×220mm×325mm
Product weight 22Kg Control mode CPU
Input voltage 220V Input power 2200W
Mini current 2A Argon delay 9S
Welding thickness 0.1-0.3mm Welding torch control method Manual / Pedal
Cooling method Air-cooling Function choice 1-4
Rectifier mode IGBT Protection class IP40




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Multifunctional Cold Welding Machine Cladding Sheet Metal Welding Machine 1




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