• GENWELD L500G-P pipeline automatic power supply
GENWELD L500G-P pipeline automatic power supply

GENWELD L500G-P pipeline automatic power supply

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Brand Name: GENWELD
Model Number: LW500G-P

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Model L500G-P
Input voltage 3相380V±10%50-60Hz
Rated input current (A) 38
Rated input power (KW) 23
Voltage adjustment range (V) 15-39
No-load voltage (V) 76±5
Input current adjustment range (A) 50-500
Wire feeding speed range (m/min)   
Applicable wire diameter (mm) φ1.0/φ2.0
Applicable wire specification solid/flux cored
Rated duty cycle 60%
Efficiency ≥89%
Power factor ≥0.93
Insulation class F
Enclosure protection class IP23
Cooling method  Air cooling
Control mode Inverter control
Protective gas Ar(80%)+CO2(20%)
Power Dimensions (mm) 645X400X545
It has multiple functions such as cellulose downward welding, low hydrogen electrode welding, DC argon arc welding, solid wire/iron powder core root welding, etc.
Product features and advantages:
1. It adopts the famous German Siemens Infineon IGBT module at home and abroad, the customs number: 01012018100000XXXX. The inverter technology and innovative control technology are advanced, with the advantages of high voltage shock resistance, severe cold, high temperature and other harsh environments, precise control, and excellent welding performance.
l Use American CDE imported capacitors. Customs declaration number: 53452018145111XXXX
l The reactor has passed the national military standard. Military standard certificate number 16J10020R2M
l The transformer has passed the national military standard. Military standard certificate number 13J10011R1S
l The main transformer is also the thickest, with more turns than domestic welding machines.
l The radiator of the pipeline welding machine is made of high-quality aluminum material, and the heat dissipation area is double that of the same type of welding machine in China, which greatly improves the heat dissipation capacity of the welding machine. This ensures that the welder can operate normally at high temperatures.
l Powerful functions! In addition to welding RMD, it can also fully weld all current pipeline welding processes such as STT, 52U, cellulose, and argon arc. One machine is equivalent to the function of multiple welding machines, and the price is super high.
l The company's unique patented technology (other companies do not have): semi-automatic welding system based on two-way communication. The distance between the main machine and the wire feeder is broken, and the welding function can be directly selected on the wire feeder while welding.
l About customization: All software can be upgraded free of charge during the life of the machine, and can be customized as needed. The software system is free to upgrade for life.
l The company's unique patented technology: phase loss protection circuit and method for three-phase AC power supply. It is used for identification and protection in the state of phase loss, which reduces the risk caused by phase loss work.
l The company's unique patented technology: a welding power supply with low-voltage power supply function. Used to provide normal operation of low voltage power supply.
l The company's unique patented technology: a welding machine fan. The fan automatically detects the temperature. When the set temperature is reached, the fan starts automatically; when the set temperature is lower than the set temperature, the fan stops. Great energy savings.
l When the welding machine is debugged, the withstand voltage test of the whole machine reaches 3750V, which fully guarantees the durability and safety of each component of the welding machine.
l At the same time, the welding machine can also be used as a power source for automatic welding.
l High protection: dustproof, waterproof, sandproof, shockproof; can adapt to various harsh environments of field work environment.
l High altitude and ultra-low temperature will not affect the normal work of the welding machine.
l The welding machine cable adopts the national standard cable of a listed company, which has high durability.
l The electromagnetic compatibility of this equipment is Class A.
l The fan adopts the most expensive Suxun fan, high-quality motor, equipped with a starting capacitor to better protect the service life of the fan.
l The wire feeder and welding power supply adopt RS485 communication technology, which makes the transmission of parameter information more accurate and improves the anti-interference ability of the product.
l Equipped with F82/F62 two wire feeders, it can carry out the construction of multiple processes, and there are up to six operating modes. Realize that one welding machine is equivalent to a small unit, which can complete all welding processes from bottoming to filling, which greatly saves labor, generators, and welding machines.
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